» Difference Between Seamless And Erw Pipe

ERW pipe is made by rolling metal and then welding it longitudinally along its length. Seamless pipes are made by extruding the metal to the desired length; therefore, ERW pipes have welded joints in their cross-section, while seamless pipes do not have any joints in their cross-section along their entire length. Next, the ERW pipe supplier will share the following content with you.

In seamless pipes, there are no welds or joints and are made from solid round billets. Seamless tubing is finished to size and wall thickness specifications, with outside diameters ranging from 1/8 inch to 26 inches. Suitable for high pressure applications such as hydrocarbon industries and refineries, oil and gas exploration and drilling, oil and gas transportation and pneumatic cylinders, bearings, boilers, automotive


ERW pipe is longitudinally welded and manufactured from strip/coil up to 24″ O.D. ERW tubing is cold and made from a strip that is pulled through a series of rolls and formed into a tube that is melted through an electrical charge. It is primarily used for low/medium pressure applications such as water/oil transportation. Pearl Body Steel is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of ERW Stainless Steel pipes in India. Please contact us for product details.

ERW Pipes

ERW Pipes

The common size range of ERW steel pipe is from 2 3/8 inch to 24 inch outside diameter and length range from 100 feet to 100 feet. Surface finishes are available in both bare and coated forms and can be applied in the field upon request.

What technologies are used to produce seamless and ERW pipe?
The CPE technology for the production of seamless and ERW pipes up to 7″ OD is a world renowned technology. The “Plug Mill” technology is used for higher diameters. Seamless pipes are produced from 7″ to 14″ and are the most reliable technology for the largest diameters. Partial. High frequency induction welding technology is used for ERW pipes up to 21″ OD.

How can I identify seamless or ERW stainless steel pipe?
To determine whether the pipe supplied is seamless or ERW, simply read the mold on the side of the pipe

If it is ASTM A53, type S indicates seamless.

Type F is furnace but welded.

Type E is electrically welded.

This is how. This is the easiest way to identify seamless pipe or ERW.

In short, as mentioned above, the marketing of Seamless is the outdated myth that it has no defects, but that welding has its inherent defects throughout the length of each tube. Intuitively, this concept is readily accepted by buyers and designers who are inexperienced with a variety of products. Each product form and manufacturing method has its own inherent problems and potential defects.

Consumers must be familiar with what those problems and defects are and how they affect a particular application. They can then make an informed decision based on facts, not myths.