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What Is Line Pipe?

Mar. 18, 2021

Line pipe is a type of steel pipe that is used to transport materials through pipelines throughout the country. Line pipe can be used to transport oil, gas, petroleum and water. It is a durable pipe that must meet certain specifications and regulations. The pipe is usually high strength and durable to withstand high pressures. At RENPU, we sell and distribute line pipe in a variety of sizes, lengths, diameters and grades.

What is line pipe ?

Line pipe is a type of pipe made from high strength carbon steel. It is typically manufactured in accordance with metallurgical specifications established by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Line pipe can be used to construct pipelines that carry a variety of resources including natural gas, oil, petroleum and water. The pipe ranges in diameter from 2" to 48". Line pipe can include seamless or welded carbon steel or stainless steel pipelines.

As line pipe is subjected to high pressures, important tests are carried out on line pipe to ensure that it meets all requirements for steel chemistry, strength, toughness and dimensional properties. Using line pipe that meets the set standards will ensure safe and reliable line service.

Line Pipe

The size and diameter of pipe required for pipelines can vary depending on the amount of gas or liquid the pipe is to carry and the pressure the pipe must be subjected to. For example, in most cases, trunk lines (the main pipeline carrying natural gas) will require pipelines of approximately 16 to 48 inches in diameter. Smaller pipelines that carry gas to or from the mainline can be constructed from 6 to 16 inch diameter pipelines. The necessary diameter required for a pipeline can be determined by considering the volume of gas or liquid that the pipeline will carry and the pressure at which the pipeline will be conveyed. The thickness requirement of the pipeline depends on the maximum working pressure required for the pipeline. This is based on published standards and federal regulations. When selecting and installing pipelines, follow the appropriate safety regulations to ensure proper operation of the line and to prevent hazardous or dangerous situations from occurring.

Buy line pipe: 

This line pipe can be used to carry oil, petroleum, natural gas or water pipelines.  We can supply many grades of line pipe including API 5L-B, X-42, X-46, X-52, X-60, X-70 and higher versions.

RENPU, which is a professional company specialized in steel pipe products overseas marketing and transactions.

With three sub-branches in Hebei province Shijiazhuang city (head office), Cangzhou city(Domestic commodity trading platform &professional pipe packing warehouse) and Hongkong(international trade office).

We are dealing in various kinds and materials of steel pipes&fittings. Products comply with a variety of international standards, including ASME, API, EN, DIN, JIS, ISO, etc.

As a leading line pipe manufacturer, not only can we supply new line pipe direct from stock or from factory sources, but we can also cut the pipe to the length you require and add special coatings as required.To find out more about our current selection of pipeline pipe for sale, please contact us.

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