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Seamless Pipe

Seamless Pipe Manufacturer, Seamless Pipe Supplier

As a seamless steel pipe supplier, we can help you determine which grade and type of steel pipe you need for your project.

Common applications of seamless steel pipes

The advantages of seamless pipe make it the material of choice for a range of commercial pipeline applications, including shipbuilding, pipelines, oil rigs, oil field equipment, pressure vessels, mechanical parts and offshore rigs. Another benefit of seamless pipes is that they perform well in harsh conditions, which means they can be used in extremely cold or extremely hot environments.

Global pipelines meet industry standards

Worldwide Pipe and Supply is an authorized distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon, stainless steel and chrome seamless pipes. For our company, it is important that all products must meet or exceed your project standards, such as ASTM, ASME, API, UNS, SB, DIN and JIS.

Value-added services

Pipe can tailor products to your specific industrial needs through our value-added service products. We can provide coating, manufacturing, threading and logistics services to help create the right solution for your project. Galvanizing is part of our coating service, and galvanized steel products have many benefits. Galvanized steel has corrosion resistance and durability due to the protective layer of zinc.

If you are considering using seamless steel pipes for your next commercial piping project, please contact us and request a quote. As a leading international steel pipe supplier, we can provide you with the products you need and quickly ship your orders to anywhere in the world.

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