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What can welded pipe supplier provide?

As a reliable welded pipe supplier, we can provide production welded pipes with various processes. We ensure that the welded pipes our trusted mills and manufacturers produce are of the high possible quality and they have been fully tested to international standards.

As manufacturing methods and quality assurance procedures become more and more stringent, welded pipes are used more and more widely in various industries.Welded pipe is a great choice of piping product for many different industries such as petrochemical, desalination, oil & gas and chemical processing.

Welded pipe comes in three forms; welded on the outside, welded on the inside or welded on both sides. The commonality is that they all have a seam somewhere! As the world leading welded pipe supplier, we can supply our clients with the following:

ERW Pipe



Spiral Pipe

The application of the welded pipe provided by the welded pipe supplier?

Welded pipes are commonly used in major pipeline projects, and they can also be used a lot in the infrastructure for water and sewerage lines.

In the oil and gas industry, welded pipes can be used for shipping oil and gas from oil fields to export terminals, as well as in refineries.

Within the construction industry, welded pipe can be used for scaffoldings, electrical and light poles, structural columns and beams in steel structure buildings like stadium roofs, metro and railway stations.

The chemical industry is another major end-user of welded steel pipe, where they can be used to construct chemical processing lines, industrial sheds and mechanical structures. Other end-user sectors are the mechanical sector, industrial sector, shipbuilding and the energy sectors.

Advantages welded pipe:

Cost: Welded pipe is the least expensive of all pipe types.

Availability: The manufacturing process of welded pipe means that is it quite readily available and a shorter procurement time is required.

Consistency: The wall thickness of welded pipes is thought to be much more consistent than seamless pipes. This is because the manufacturing of welded pipe starts with a flat sheet of steel, so it is much more controllable.

Surface quality: The surface of a welded pipe us usually very smooth, thus reducing the possibility of corrosion.

The quality that the welded pipe supplier can guarantee:

As a reliable welded pipe supplier, all of the welded pipe Special Piping Materials we supply and have in stock is  supplied certified ‘welded with X-Ray’ (WXR). This process involves reviewing the whole length of a pipe’s weld seam under a radioscopic exam to ensure full compliance and quality of manufacture and to pick up any potential faults. All of the pipes we stock and supply have been fully tested to international standards to ensure we only supply the highest quality products. Everything we supply is manufactured in accordance with the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) Standards).

Here at Special Piping Materials, we know how important it for our clients to have the highest quality products to use for their projects and applications. This means that we can assure all of our customers that their products will be produced to the right specifications and will be delivered on time!

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