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As a trusted supplier of welded pipes, we understand that many processes can be used to produce ERW pipes. Each of these processes will result in the consolidation or incorporation of steel components into the pipeline. The current passes through the surfaces that must be welded together. When the components that are welded together resist electric current, heat is generated, thereby forming a weld. When a strong current flows through the metal, a pool of molten metal is formed where the two surfaces connect. These molten metal pools form a weld that binds the two connected components together.

What is a welded pipe?

The welded pipe is made by longitudinal welding of steel. The welding process of ERW pipe is continuous, as opposed to welding of different parts of the interval. The ERW process uses steel coils as raw materials.

Common applications and industries of welded pipes

Welded pipes can be used in various industries, including automotive, oil and gas, petrochemical, drilling, machinery and construction industries. Some common applications of welded pipe include:

  • boiler

  • Car parts

  • Industrial parts

  • Water and gas pipe

  • Drilling machinery

  • Scaffolding material

  • Value-added services

  • And more

Provide value-added services for your welded pipe products. For our welded carbon tubes, we provide fusion bonded epoxy and galvanized. These services help protect the pipeline from the harsh working environment. These coatings form a hard barrier on the pipeline system to protect the pipeline from corrosion. Our value-added services can help strengthen pipelines and extend their service life.

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